– With or without Wine Pairing –

First- Amuse Bouche

Toast of Black Bread, Foie Grass, Crystallized Watermelon with Green Cardamom and Citrus Nectar.

Pairing: CORAZON DE VAN GOGH (Gin, Kiwi Jam, Absinth Rustic, Coriander Seeds)


Smoked Duck Terrine Marinated with Port and Dried Fruits, Served with Dandelion Salad and Organic Arugula, with a Touch of Heirloom Tomato Jelly.

Pairing: Villa Vestea, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

– Or –

Sealed Scallops on the Firewood Served with Beurre Blanc of Dried Tomatoes and Mezcal, Chiffonade of Colored Chard and Artichoke Confit.

Pairing: Tola, Catarrato


New Orleans Style Pismo Clam Served on Bread with Crispy Bacon and Parmesan Cheese Tile.

Pairing: Tantehue, Chardonay

– Or –

Traditional Bistro Onion Soup Served on Bread with Gruyere Cheese and Crispy Bacon.

Pairing: Tantehue, Chardonay


Glass with Crystallized Ginger and Sparkling Rose, Pineapple and Basil Sorbet Fifth Canadian Fresh Salmon Sealed with Pistachio Crust, Mousseline Sauce with Cayenne Pepper, and Florentine Spinach with Rose Petals.

Pairing: VR Vino de la Reina, Pinot Noir

– Or –

Ossobuco or Lamb Rack of in Wood Oven with Morels Sauce, Pea Risotto. Asparagus with 15-month-old Cotija Cheese Siffon.

Pairing: Alta Vista Estate Premium, Malbec


Table of Petit Fours with Ripe Cheeses, and Caramelised and Compote Fruits.

Pairing: TIRAMISU (Grey Goose, Frangelico, Lime, Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa)

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